Marjolein’s own story is an extraordinary example of inspiration:

Taught at a very young age by her Mom that, “It is simply a lifestyle choice to being well. One small change towards more mindful nutrition, some daily gentle effective movement and a regular spiritual practice will quickly lead to bigger changes in how you look and feel."

In 1995 I had a terrible car accident which introduced me to the Pilates Method as a way to rehabilitate. As quickly as I began to recover it became my mission to share and expose the entire world to this profoundly life changing philosophy. I became trained and founded MBSFitness, developed the first home Pilates reformer and produced an infomercial advertising campaign that has led to the sale of millions of machines on TV as well as a long and successful track record on QVC worldwide and TSC in Canada.

In 2005, together with my partners, Stamina Products, we totally revolutionized the fitness industry with the development of our AeroPilates cardio rebounder, an innovative vertical trampoline that allows for the safest and most effective supine aerobic workout.

Finally all kinds of people with compromised health, can lie down, get strong, burn calories, lose weight and become heart healthy without hurting their joints.

About AeroPilates

AeroPilates is an innovative version of traditional Pilates which helps improve cardiovascular health and burn calories with a low impact workout that increases core strength. Unlike many fitness fads that come and go, Pilates was first developed in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates and remains an effective way to strengthen the body and lengthen and tone muscles.

Stamina Products added the patented Cardio Rebounder to the traditional Pilates reformer to create a home reformer that delivers the four basics of fitness – muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. This unique addition to the reformer has given AeroPilates users the ability to gain cardiovascular endurance which provides benefits to your heart while lying on the carriage of the machine, therefore, less stress on your joints.

AeroPilates’ goal is to give you a life-changing exercise experience for a lifetime of health – body, mind, and spirit.